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Meet Mina Vera

Mina Vera wearing sunglasses Mina Vera is a transplanted Austinite, originally from Jamestown, Louisiana. She lives in Hutto, Texas (a suburb of Austin) with her 2 dogs and cat.

Mina has lived in several parts of the United States including Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada, plus Baja California, Mexico. She believes in the beauty of diversity and inclusion.

Mina Vera with dog Baloo Yoga has been a pivotal part of her life. Before yoga, Mina was stiff and not flexible at all. As a yoga student, Mina still strives to learn as much as possible and to stretch her limits. As a teacher, Mina also strives to learn as much as possible. Mina has taught yoga in two locations in Texas (Livingston and Red Oak), on the beach in Oceanside, California, and online via Zoom for Sunkissed Yoga Studios in Marlow, Oklahoma. She loves teaching yoga and helping people feel their very best.

Zumba has been an integral part of Mina’s life for almost as long as yoga. Walking and Zumba are how Mina gets her heart-healthy cardio workouts in and she enjoys leading the class and sometimes singing along!

In her spare time, you can find Mina hiking with her dogs. She also trains in aerial arts - mostly
on the Lyra but also enjoys pole dancing and aerial yoga. Mermaiding is also a passion of hers,
you can often find her in the summer in a pool with a mermaid tail!

Mina Vera balancing upside-down on aerial silks

Palm trees and beach in front of sunset

Mina Vera wearing mermaid tail and balancing in hanging hoop
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